Sunday, September 28, 2008

words from angela's blog

"I’m asking for trouble posting this on my blog, but seriously, I needed to bring this up for debate.

Are these girls a representation of Singapore’s brains and beauty? I just find it quite embarrassing. I understand we don’t have large pool to choose from, but I just don’t believe there aren’t better girls out there?The calibre of girls in the line up is far below my expectations of what an F1 grid girl should be! Look at the other Grand Prix around the world (ok maybe not malaysia).

Forgive me if I’m wrong, who knows maybe some of these girls are masters or degree holders, and i apologise if you’re friends with anyone there, but these videos are pretty bad.

The producer of these videos should be on the firing line as well. They look so amateur, most of the girls clearly looked like they were unprepared are over-prepared."

ayat2 kat atas tu aku petik dari blog angela ("fellow" cylist from singapore). aku rasa, dia ni lebih banyak ride kat bumi malaysia daripada kat tanahair dia yg tercinta tu..

apa kewajaran dia cakap camtu? dia tak tau ke fakta bahawa ramai org singapore tak mampu nak berbelanja kat negara diorg sendiri?

kawan2 .. lepas ni.. sape ada jumpa angela ni kayuh kat malaysia (negara kita) ... kita gerilakan dia..

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